I know, I know…

I should be blogging.  Sorry.  According to the little stats graph by WordPress there are still people reading my blog.  I wasn’t sure what would happen now that Google Reader is defunct.  I’m gutted, I really liked Google Reader.  I’m trying out both Feedly and Bloglovin to see which one I like best but at the moment both of them run a poor second to GR :-(  I nearly lost all my reader data in the change over, but for once I actually did something technical right and managed to save my data and Nathan was able to recover it and load it into Feedly and Bloglovin for me.  He’s really good at that kind of stuff and endlessly patient with me.

Our garden is in hibernation.  I haven’t even planted garlic.  I don’t like gardening by myself and on the weekends we are busy with other stuff, so its a bit abandoned.  I wish I could co-garden with someone.  The sheep are growing well and are hopefully in lamb.  We’ll know by September I guess.  The chooks have come back into lay early.  I’m getting 4 eggs most days, sometimes more, sometimes less.  Looks like out of my surviving chicks 4 are hens and just one rooster, but that’s yet to be confirmed by crowing.  We should know soon.

I have been crafting, but not at full speed.  I am finding it hard to stay on task with few deadlines and no company to sew with.  Starting today though I will be doing a run of 5 or 6 custom quilts, all with deadlines so I had better work hard.

I’ve finished one of my old WIP quilts.  Gold linen and Amy Butler Mid West Modern prints…(sold)


and matching cushions…

PicMonkey Collage

A values diamond quilt with a couple of charm packs that I had here … (also sold)


A star quilt with some gorgeous colour saturated prints I picked out… (for sale)


and last but not least a pair of native bird winter jackets for a custom order…

PicMonkey Collage

In other news Ian, Cameron and I are going to the UK and France in November.  I’m very excited, I’ve never been anywhere.  I have only just filled out passport forms today and need to take Cameron to have his photo done on the weekend.  I will miss the teenagers but they have exams on in November so they get to stay home.

Right, I have work to do thanks to a big fabric order that arrived today.  Later.

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  1. Mum

    Yes garden hibernation is happening here too,The jackets are just awesome and the quilt and cushions are so, so pretty.Well done

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