A conudrum

There’s never enough time in the day to make all the quilts and other things I want to make. Maybe I should give up sleep, and housework. I finished the last custom on my list (though there are a few in the negotiation stages). So while I have a lull in orders what do I work on? You may have noticed I’m not a quilt monogamist. I have a couple of quilts tops waiting to be quilted ( only 3, I am impressed, only 1 of which will be for sale, the others are quilting bee quilts). I have some part made / cut out quilts (my soul searching quilt from Kathy Doughty’s class, a red, white and navy single zigzag not yet cut out, my black and white stars bee quilt, my Tokyo Subway quilt, an Amy Butler and gold linen quilt, the Ghastlies WIP, and last but not least the Farmers Wife hand quilt job).

That doesn’t even cover the list of quilts I’d like to make, some from patterns and some originals. It’s hard to choose between work which pays the bills and art, which doesn’t.

I also need to restock my Felt shop with a couple of ready made quilts. I’m feeling the call of Dr SEUSS, which I still have a bit of, but I have another couple of ranges of fabric on the shelf I’d like to work with too (Birch organic cottons). First world problems aye?

I think I’ll ponder my choices for another day and get the pants I’d cut out for Cameron sewn up, as well as a couple of pairs for school, he’s outgrown everything lately, clothes and shoes. He must be doing alright, he never stops eating (or talking) at the moment.

Ian and I got 4 of our garden beds weeded and ready for planting on Thursday so I will pick up some seedlings when I do the shopping tomorrow. Nice to have felt like some work has been done. I’ve planted seeds of carrots, peas, broad beans, beetroot and lettuce.

The kids are driving me a bit batty so I’m looking forward to a change of scene on Monday. Cam and I are going to visit Hastings for a day or two. Enjoy the school holidays!

One thought on “A conudrum

  1. mum

    Well your off on your break, Lilly and I are enjoying our time together, so when you get back you should be rested and then you can decide what to make next.

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