Trouble, deep, deep, trouble….

Nah not really.  Though I did get a telling off yesterday for being such a slacker and not updating the blog.  I had thought of letting the blog go, but as the address for it is on my business cards I had better keep it up to date.  It has been a while since I last posted.  Almost 6 weeks. So what have I been doing instead?  Well, I’ve made 7 single quilts since then, plus an almost complete queen size quilt top, and an almost complete lap quilt top.  Both of those just need borders.  Wanna see pics??  Course you do :-)

Dragon quilt.


Woodland patches.


Red and cream hearts and stars


Pink and Purple hearts, stars and houses


Out to Sea in squares


Out to play 1 + 2


Motocross quilt


I like them all, but have to say making the red and cream and pink and purple quilts was such a blast.  I was given just a colour theme for each and an idea of the type of quilt but basically free reign as to the make up off them.  I have to say they turned out just fabulous and the feedback from my customers is great.  I put pics of them all on Facebook (look up Sew Vivid), the Lego quilt (from my last post) is seriously popular.  I might have to make another with that theme one day. In the meantime I have another custom on the books, just waiting on some fabric to arrive in the post, so I have a week or two to work on whatever I’d like to :-)

And down on the farmlet?? Well, it is official, we are in a drought.  Its been a bit of a challenge.  We’ve had to downsize some stock due to lack of grass, though we have been lucky enough to have some hay to fall back on.  The bore, which we use to water the garden and fill the animal troughs with dried up about 2 months ago.  It will take some serious rain to bring that back into action.  The garden has suffered a bit.  Surprisingly we’ve had a bumper crop of tomatoes (all that hot weather has been good for ripening) and chillies, lots of lettuces, carrots, beetroot, beans, peas and courgettes.  All which we’ve kept alive with grey water from the washing machine.  We had to let the corn, pumpkins and last crop of potatoes die off though as we just haven’t had enough to water them as well.


We have goats!! Well, sort of.  We have friends who have two dairy goat does and no land for them.  So we’ve given them a bit of our land, which has been fenced off and yesterday the girls arrived.  Belle and Rosie.  They are nice and friendly and not very noisy.


Ian, Lilly and Cameron have all been sick, all with different things or a virus that is manifesting as different for each of them.  Nothing terrible, but enough to be a pain.  Nathan and I seem to have avoided it, which is good.  I need to stay well as my next operation is in a couple of weeks.  Hopefully it will be the last one.  I will be having my remaining ovary removed and will go onto HRT.  Scary.

Jack the cat has been at the Vets a bit.  Last year he had an abscess fixed on one of his back toes, it was the claw, kind of ingrown.  It re-occured and turns out it was tumour causing it to grow like that, so he had to have the whole toe and joint removed, as well as cauterizing the pre-cancerous cells on is nose and a dental.  Ouch, expensive.  I had saved some money from all the quilts I’d been making, so we could finally buy some wood to finish fencing off the vege garden, but Jack’s vet bill took all of that :-(  Bugger!  He is okay now and all fixed up.  He’s lucky that I’m a big softie.

Well that’s all I can think of right now, will try to update again soon.

2 thoughts on “Trouble, deep, deep, trouble….

  1. Mum

    Goats, you didnt tell me about the goats ???? they are such neat animals, as usual the quilts are beautiful and my favorite was the the pink and purple, with the red and cream hearts running a very close second. You will feel good on the HRT, I found it the best pill ever.

  2. Allie

    Hurrah…news! So pleased that you are not died from drought or pests or something!!!! Ta for the news and please keep it up. Us blog-readers want to know what’s up…oh and great quilts…love them!!!

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