Four seasons in one day…

check out the front that came over yesterday. I was enjoying the sun and organising to take Cam and a friend to the pool for swim in the afternoon, along came this front, with a few hours of rain.  Some of the tree are already starting to lose their leaves :-(  I guess we are closer to Autumn now.


We’ve been picking wild raspberries.  Yum.


Harvesting from the garden, this is a years worth of garlic and about a fortnight’s worth of shallots. We are also eating zucchini, lettuce, carrots, potatoes, giant beetroot and fresh herbs from the garden.


We’ve had all sort of animal stuff happening.  The two pigs went to the butcher on Tuesday.  One of the sheep got flystrike (fixed now), we vaccinated and drenched all the sheep.  We tried to castrate the ram lamb, but his nuts were too big :-0 We are down to 4 chicks, the rats got two of them :-(.  We have rat bait out, but they won’t touch it.  Bastards!

I’ve manged to get some work done and finished the Out to Sea girls quilt, now listed in my Felt shop  SOLD


Now I need to make Cam some new shirts for school, make a cushion cover for a swap, make a bag for a swap and start on the 4 custom quilts I have on my list.

So, back to work I go.

One thought on “Four seasons in one day…

  1. Mum

    We got almost 10mm of rain from that front yesterday, so the gardens happy, love the quilt with the bright pink minky back <3

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