A new project…

for the New Year.  I’ve given myself a few challenges this year.  Top of the list is The Farmers Wife Quilt.  Queen size is 111 six inch blocks, set on point.  To add to the challenge I’m hand piecing all the blocks and plan to hand quilt it too.  I have no idea how long it will take, but I have made the first 9 blocks already, so I’m guessing 6 months or so (given that Februray will be a busy month for custom quilts).

This is what the pattern looks like:

Farmers Wife quilt-L

I’m using the Mama Said Sew range of fabrics, so here’s what my first blocks look like:


I am yet to decide on a background colour, I’m tossing up between a  tan colour (like the pattern to make it more traditional) or black to make it more modern.  But no rush I won’t need to decide until all the blocks are done.

Some of the other planned ideas are to make a few other quilts that have been on my to-do list for a few years (and not feel guilty about making them and NOT selling them, what, are the quilt police gonna come get me?)  I have plans on at least one Koha quilt (just need to get started on this), and of course to work hard, make lots of custom quilts and sell lots :-)

One thought on “A new project…

  1. Mum

    I like the black better, but you decide, its going to look great regardless of what color you choose.

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