Down on the farm…

Time for a bit of an update on things here at Highwaycottage :-)

The house has settled on the new piles.  We’ve been absolutely hammered by massive wind gusts (up to 150kph) and it’s not going anywhere.  Last weekend we finally got the two new double-glazed windows in the bedroom.  About time too.  We had abysmal service from the supplier, so for the third window for that room we have changed suppliers.  When the last window is installed at the end of the month we will strip all the GIB in the room and then reline all the walls, adding in new insulation where needed and filling the gaps where the room was not joined to the rest of the building properly.

We are really pleased that we invested so much money into fencing, our stock management has improved and we are reaping the benefits of having plenty of spring grass.  The cow is growing well, but needs a field mate.

The fat white sheep surprised us yesterday by having a lamb, 10 weeks after the other ewe lambed.  We were convinced that she was barren this year and was nearly sent away to be sausages.  She can have a reprieve now.  Nice big healthy lamb, not yet sexed.

The other two lambs (Marceline and Princess Bubblegum) were weaned a few weeks ago and are both growing fast.

We’ve been doing some work in the garden, growing veges and trying to get on top of the weeds.  Here are some pics of the herb garden and some of my vege beds (most still surrounded by weeds).

Flowering purple Sage

My salad vege garden

Shallots, Garlic and spring onions

Snow peas, peas, broadbeans plus a few beetroot and spinach (which the chooks keep stealing).

After a burst of lovely sunny days the seeds that Cameron and I planted on Labour weekend have finally sprouted

This weekend will probably be spent in the garden, weather permitting, getting some fencing started, some new beds ready for the tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini etc.  I hope so anyway.

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  1. Mum

    Yes everything is looking good, that lamb was sure a surprise, Ruby is looking very nice and the gardens are looking great, it was nice to spend time on my own with you.When I left I did the shopping and then came home and finished mowing the lawns.

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