Challenging myself.

I have a serious lack of goals this year.  Not that I don’t have any ambition or list of things I’d like to achieve, but most have been put into the too hard basket. So I’ve decided to give myself a bit of a challenge, working on one of the skills that I need to improve on.

Paper piecing, my nemesis.  I guess doing paper piecing is a bit like backing a car with a trailer on the back, all that back to front thing, I’m not good at that kind of logic. I usually end up with a lot of unpicking and frustration when paper piecing as I often don’t judge the size of my piece of fabric correctly (always too small) or it not in quite the right position.  I have done paper piecing a few times, so I know the basics, now it’s time to get really comfortable with it.

A few weeks ago I stumbled across the In Flight pattern bundle by Tartan Kiwi. I have been a fan of Juliet’s patterns for a while, but hesitant to give them a go.  All the birds can be purchased individually, or you can buy the whole bundle. I splashed out and got the whole bundle so I can make a quilt.  If you’d like to join in Juliet is running a quilt-a-long for making the birds over on her blog.

Last night, after procrastinating for a few weeks I finally did the first block.  It turned out okay, not perfect, I need to watch the tutorials for tips on sewing the papers together, as mine are not quite right in one intersection.  So here is my Swan.  I’ve decided to do all my blocks in a navy background and various solid colours for the birds.

Swan 16 Feb

Today I’m going to have a go at the Swift.


Making the most of Summer

We are loving the warm weather this summer.  We spent most of December at the local outdoor pool, when Jan came along we moved down to the river. It’s quieter there and cleaner too. The water is lovely and warm.










We’ve been to the beach a couple of times too. Not enough times, but it’s a bit far away to go more often.  We would if we could, we love it!!  This is out at Eastbourne beach.




And the weekend just gone we spent a couple of days at Waitarere beach with friends.  The weather was glorious (stupid me got really sunburnt), the sea was lovely and warm.













So, while Summer can be a worrying time for us, with water being in short supply, as is grass to feed the stock, I’m determined to make the most of it, we’ve already had a few cold nights, reminding us that Autumn isn’t far away. Today is a real stunner, so we’ll be down the river this evening. :-)

I went on a blind date…

actually two.


Our library had a fantastic display last week, a bunch of books wrapped up in brown paper. So I got Lilly to choose one for me.  I unwrapped it when I got home about lunchtime.  Luckily I had a quiet afternoon, by dinnertime I had finished it.  It was a great book called Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher. I think it would be under the teen fiction section at the library.  I had already read Annabel’s other book “My sister lives on the mantlepiece”, which I also enjoyed.



After that success I went back the next day and got Cameron to choose another blind date book for me.  This time I got Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen.  Again, another fantastic read.  This would be in the adult fiction, a bit longer to read, but I managed to finish t by about 11.30pm.  I will be looking for the other books by this author when I go back to the library.



Hopefully they will still have a few blind dates left too.

As well as the books from the library I added a new book on my kindle (but it comes in paperback too), this one recommended by a comment on my last book review post.  The Waiting Room by Alysha Kaye. I loved this book!!!  Really well written, this book just keeps you reading til the end, you HAVE to find out what happens.  The storyline was very original (to me at least) and was very thought-provoking.  Great book Alysha!!

I did get one more book out of the library last week, I saw Sophie’s Choice recommended on a blog post.  Well, I tried, but just couldn’t seem to get into it at all. The style of writing is not to my taste at all, I’ll drop that one back unread and get the movie out instead.

I have one book here to read this week.  I picked it up in town.  All along our main street we have benches for shoppers and browsers to sit and rest at, some have books, magazines or games included for entertainment.  Fab idea, and not the first time I’ve picked one up to read.  Must remember to drop one or two of mine off this week to pass along.


January’s crafting

Despite spending lots of time swimming at either the beach or the river I always manage to fit in some time to sew.  Without it I think I would go a bit crazy.  So I sew while the small boy is playing Minecraft.

I’ve finished a single quilt top, just need to decide on the backing, then I will show pics of here.

I’ve also finished a queen size quilt.  This one is completely finished and ready to purchase.  If you know someone who would love it, then send them here or look my Sew Vivid page up on facebook.

edited photo


I’ve been making a bunch of book bags .


20 Jan Book bag 36 x 33



and swim bags




and even a couple of pencil cases.


Most of the smaller items were custom ordered, but I do have 2 waterproof swim bags ready to go, you can contact me via the email address in my sidebar if you’d like to order any, or via my facebook page.

This week I’ll be working on a queen size quilt that is going to an Australian customer


and a single quilt going to the South Island.


To finish up the post, here’s my gorgeous Faraway shawl, I dyed the yarn which is a merino alpaca mix, a friend knitted it up for me in exchange for some sewing.  Love a good barter :-)


A little bit of summer fun….

Last weekend we got to go to the Wings Over Wairarapa Airshow.  Usually we just watch the planes going overhead from here, but I have to say actually going to the show is well worth it!!  We had a weekend pass, but didn’t go on the Friday. Saturday was SO hot!!! We only stayed for about 3 hours.  However Sunday turned out fabulous, hot but bearable with plenty of sunscreen, some shade and lots of water.  We were there from about noon til the end at 4.30pm.  And it wasn’t just planes, there were the Army helicopters and tanks as well.  So here’s pics that I took :-)

The first flyover we saw.















Yak 3








OMG !! So hot.






The Corsair (my favourite) and the P40 Kittyhawk




P40 Kittyhawk?  I think


Avro Anson



Umm, can’t remember what these were called.



The Yak 52’s, these were so agile.



DC 3







PicMonkey Collage


Fantastic volunteer ;-)



There were so many other fabulous planes that I didn’t get photos of, like the Venom and Vampire, the 2 spitfire etc, the aerobatics were great too.  Cameron loved the planes and the tanks.  He came home with renewed enthusiasm to play with his model of the Spitfire and Messerschmitt.