In flight QAL – #6 Swallow

Well, I decided to go with the 24 inch block for this one (all the rest I’ve done so far are 12 inch blocks).  I thought I was doing fine until I was ironing it at the finish, and then discovered that I had missed a small piece.  It’s not enough to make me undo it and add it in, but just enough to disappoint me :-(


I missed out the Curlew in favour of the 2nd Seagull block, so might go and do that now to cheer me up.

In flight QAL – # 4 Seagull

There are 2 Seagulls, this is the 2nd one.  Could be my favourite block so far.

I’ve made a decision about the colours I’m going to use for the rest of the blocks.  I was going to do various rainbow solids, but have decided to go with different shades of teal on the navy background for all the blocks.


Challenging myself.

I have a serious lack of goals this year.  Not that I don’t have any ambition or list of things I’d like to achieve, but most have been put into the too hard basket. So I’ve decided to give myself a bit of a challenge, working on one of the skills that I need to improve on.

Paper piecing, my nemesis.  I guess doing paper piecing is a bit like backing a car with a trailer on the back, all that back to front thing, I’m not good at that kind of logic. I usually end up with a lot of unpicking and frustration when paper piecing as I often don’t judge the size of my piece of fabric correctly (always too small) or it not in quite the right position.  I have done paper piecing a few times, so I know the basics, now it’s time to get really comfortable with it.

A few weeks ago I stumbled across the In Flight pattern bundle by Tartan Kiwi. I have been a fan of Juliet’s patterns for a while, but hesitant to give them a go.  All the birds can be purchased individually, or you can buy the whole bundle. I splashed out and got the whole bundle so I can make a quilt.  If you’d like to join in Juliet is running a quilt-a-long for making the birds over on her blog.

Last night, after procrastinating for a few weeks I finally did the first block.  It turned out okay, not perfect, I need to watch the tutorials for tips on sewing the papers together, as mine are not quite right in one intersection.  So here is my Swan.  I’ve decided to do all my blocks in a navy background and various solid colours for the birds.

Swan 16 Feb

Today I’m going to have a go at the Swift.


Making the most of Summer

We are loving the warm weather this summer.  We spent most of December at the local outdoor pool, when Jan came along we moved down to the river. It’s quieter there and cleaner too. The water is lovely and warm.










We’ve been to the beach a couple of times too. Not enough times, but it’s a bit far away to go more often.  We would if we could, we love it!!  This is out at Eastbourne beach.




And the weekend just gone we spent a couple of days at Waitarere beach with friends.  The weather was glorious (stupid me got really sunburnt), the sea was lovely and warm.













So, while Summer can be a worrying time for us, with water being in short supply, as is grass to feed the stock, I’m determined to make the most of it, we’ve already had a few cold nights, reminding us that Autumn isn’t far away. Today is a real stunner, so we’ll be down the river this evening. :-)