Another crosses quilt…

I had an urgent quilt request from a customer.  A quilt for an 80th birthday, to be sent overseas.  So after a quick consult on pattern and fabric choices I whipped up another crosses quilt.  I love that this pattern can make use of some many gorgeous fabrics all at once and the simple design means it sews up very quickly.


I’ve also made one more block for the In Flight Quilt a Long, the Curlew, this is a 12 inch block.  I’m going to try to make a couple more this weekend.


Mountains 4 May

I’m so lazy sometimes….

I can’t believe that apart from my In flight Quilt a Long blocks I haven’t shown you any crafting.  Although this year is a slower one due to other commitments I have still been doing as much work as I can. I just haven’t blogged about it.

This year for me is all about helping a friend on her Cancer journey, so lots of hospital appointments and being there for her.  But I still get plenty of days to quilt ;-)  At the moment anyway.  We have to just take each day as it comes as plans change depending on the response to each treatment.

Want to see the quilts I’ve made this year?

I made and ANZAC quilt. This is now a wall hanging at my house.  I didn’t have any relatives at ANZAC, but my Great, great-grandfather was at Ypres and Paschendale during WWI.

Anzac quilt 17 April

A Batman quilt for a customer.

Batman 17 March

A crosses queen size quilt that was sent to Australia, surprisingly only $5 more to send to Australia than to the South Island of NZ.

Crosses 28 Feb

A quick strip quilt for a wee girls bedroom, the fabric matches an earlier cot quilt the customer bought.

Fort Firefly Strips 13 March

This was a special quilt, for my best friend, to keep her warm during all her hospital treatments and recovery.

Hearts 11 Feb

A quilt for an Au Pair, a gift from the employer.  Favourite colour blue, The mountains of NZ.

Mountains 4 May

Pretty scrap quilt, it feels good to use every last little bit sometimes.

Scrappy baby 19 Feb

Double-sided Out to Sea quilt, a match for the one I made Cameron a few years ago, which went with this one down to the South Island (we have so many quilts, Cameron was happy to give this one a new home, I’ve promised a Darth Vader quilt for his bed instead).

Waves back 6 March

Waves front 6 March

Today I’m just about to start a custom quilt. It will be a present for an 80th birthday.  I made my MIL one for her 80th a few years back, she loves it.  A good idea for someone who probably has everything.

I have another block done for the quilt a long, so I’ll post that later.

In flight QAL – #6 Swallow

Well, I decided to go with the 24 inch block for this one (all the rest I’ve done so far are 12 inch blocks).  I thought I was doing fine until I was ironing it at the finish, and then discovered that I had missed a small piece.  It’s not enough to make me undo it and add it in, but just enough to disappoint me :-(


I missed out the Curlew in favour of the 2nd Seagull block, so might go and do that now to cheer me up.

In flight QAL – # 4 Seagull

There are 2 Seagulls, this is the 2nd one.  Could be my favourite block so far.

I’ve made a decision about the colours I’m going to use for the rest of the blocks.  I was going to do various rainbow solids, but have decided to go with different shades of teal on the navy background for all the blocks.