A new obsession

Not for me, I have enough of those, it’s the small boy.  I have to say he is a very ‘typical’ boy, easily excited by big machinery or anything military.  Though he is not so big on the ruff and tumble stuff, but I think that is from lacking appropriate aged siblings to fight with.

So his current obsessions are Minecraft and Dr Who, which are both okay, though I prefer the Dr Who myself (there are a couple of ‘nice’ doctors to watch).  Now the latest to join those is ‘War of the worlds’.  He heard about it from one of the older boys at school and found out that we had the movie and original soundtrack at home.  I though the movie would be  bit scary but apparently not.  No nightmares.

Last weekend he made a couple of pictures and a 3-D model, based off the movie.  I do encourage this, as it’s the only time he will write anything voluntarily.  The spelling needs a bit of work, but considering he didn’t ask for help it’s probably age-appropriate.  I do like the pictures a lot :-)





Must be time….

for the crafting update.

So here is again almost 3 months worth of crafting :-)

Lots of zip pouches, so waterproof, some not.  A few of these are still available for purchase, you can message me with my email address in the sidebar if you are interested.

PicMonkey Collage

Lots of wool baby slippers, a few of these are still available too, you can find those in my Felt shop.


Some quilts…

2 July

2 June

5 June

8 August

15 August

20 July

23 June

28 July

25 Aug

28 May


All of these except the last one are customs of already sold.  The last quilt (a single bed Where the wild things are print quilt) is in my Felt shop.

A few other things that I made:











Llama collage

Polar Bear collage


Now that Christmas will approach pretty fast I’ve started thinking about making Christmas stockings and Christmas Tree skirts.  I also have a wedding quilt that I need to start and finish by the end of the year.  Better set myself some deadlines.

I’m back!

So I promised to come back and blog again, so here I am, in less than a month this time.

We have lambs!!  We had 3 pregnant ewes this year.  Our ram is a Dorper cross, mostly black and is self shedding.  He seems to do an okay job, but only one set of twins, so that was a bit disappointing.  The first lamb was born on August 1st and is a ram lamb, the next to come were twins to the brown ewe, born August 11th, both ewe lambs, one with tight curly wool and one with longer shaggier wool (the mother ewe is a pure bred Arapawa). Finally on August 13th the biggest ewe gave birth in the middle of a hailstorm to a single ewe lamb, which is mostly black with 2 white legs, a white spot on its head and a white tail tip.  It’s good to get that all out the way with no dramas and good to see they are all healthy so far.


We’ve had a few day of better weather too, which makes me feel a bit happier.  We are supposed to be in for a glorious weekend, so I plan to get out into the garden and get the new bed ready for planting potatoes.

The small boy had a birthday last weekend.  We had a full house, with both big brothers home, Matt’s girlfriend and even our extra teenager taking the day off work to join in the family fun.  One of the best presents he got was a new set of Nerf guns, so added to the ones we already have there was a lot fun having shoot outs :-)  When small boy needed time out I taught the bigger ones how to play 500.  It was an awesome family weekend, in my opinion, much better than a party with lots of noisy small kids.

Cam wanted a Minecraft cake, so I ordered an edible printed icing.  A bit of a cheat, but he didn’t care.





In other news Lilly and A (our extra teen who has been living with us since Feb) are gearing up for the school Prom in a couple of weeks.  Ian Mum is making their dresses, so we have sorted out styles and been fabric shopping.  Fitting time next weekend, then shoe shopping and sorting out hair and makeup.  Exciting.  Neither of the boys went, so I am pleased that both the girls are going.

Well, I better go get some work done.  Small boy has to go to the Orthodontist in a couple of weeks, so I need to earn the $$ to pay for that.

Winter at Highway Cottage

It’s no secret, I hate winter.  With a passion. We’ve had so much rain lately that there is mud everywhere and the neighbours have a lake in their paddock.


I’m blaming the lack of blogging on the winter blues.  Though truly sometime I just don’t have the energy to blog, and I don’t know what to share.  If things are not going well I tend to just keep to myself a bit more, something I’m sure my friends will attest to.  Last night I went to our Monday night sewing group.  I haven’t been for a month (or more).  When wrapped up in your own problems we tend to forget what fabulous friends we have.  I’ve been sewing with these friends for over 5 years now, such a fantastic group of people from different walks of life, but we all get on great and I know they are there for me. In fact two of them visited me in the last few days, which was awesome, and it gave me a push to go last night.  The few hours time out is just enough to feel refreshed and a bit more positive.  I only work on personal projects when I’m at sewing group now, I think I spend more than enough time working.

I’ve had 2 holidays that I haven’t blogged about.  At the end of April we were lucky and were able to stay at a friend’s beach house in Tairua, which is close to Coromandel.  We had a fun day and overnight in Rotorua on the way. Here’s just a few pics from our trip away.  We had the most fabulous time!! The water was still warm enough to swim in.  We got to stay in a beautiful house. Bliss !! We would so love to go again ;-)




























???????????????????????????????                     ???????????????????????????????


I’ll come back later and blog about my other holiday, farm stuff and crafting.  Stay tuned.

3 months of crafting !

So here it is.  What I’ve been doing since February.

A few of these items are for sale over in my Felt shop.

Pink Pixie Coat



Robot Duffle Coat




Dr Who coin purses


Other coin purses. Love how cute these are and they keep your card secure as well.




Little red Pixie Coat



20 zip pouches for a customer.  10 each of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? 20140319_140153 20140319_140216

Some cushions to match…

20140504_143705 PicMonkey Collage2


A Red Riding Hood quilt



Some bandana bibs


A zip pouch


Some balloon balls


A laptop cover



A fox coat




A pink quilt



Dr Who tops for the boy


20140426_105225 20140426_111140

Toiletries bags for the 2 girls and the small boy (I made the girls big enough for full size shampoo and conditioner bottles)

20140426_184428 20140426_184447 20140426_184457


A new quilt for our bed. Long overdue. This is HUGE.




A Matt Smith cushion for the big girls 16th birthday



An applique quilt



A purple quilt



A Star Wars glow in the dark quilt


Another Red Riding Hood quilt



And last but not least, a seriously cute cot quilt.



Wild weather !

Boy we were battered about here yesterday.  The wind was gusting up to 135kph at one point.  That was probably when our trampoline went flying :-(  It was chained to a 20 x 20 post and had 4 ground anchors.  Still it went over 3 fences, onto the road where it nearly hit a bunch of cars and then over one more fence.  Arse.  That’s the 2nd tramp we have lost. Needless to say we won’t be risking another.  This time we didn’t lose any trees, just a few branches, a bit of guttering and my Rhubarb took a hammering.  It could have been worse. The carpet is a bit wet in a few place, the wind was blowing so hard that the water came in under a few doors and windows.  We survived a few hours with the power off.  It was so dark with the cloud cover that we had all the candles out at 3.30pm.  I was pleased that the power came back on in time to cook dinner.  It did highlight our need to get a small camping gas cooker.  My Mum was not so lucky. There power went off about 9am yesterday and it’s still off.  Not much fun at all if you can’t even have a cup of tea.

Here’s a pic of the trampoline, it’s across the road about 200m from our place.


Well, I better go do some housework.  I’ll be back later with the promised craft update.


Autumn already. That snuck up fast. I thought today might be a good day to start blogging again. I’m working on my tablet, so no photos. but maybe next time. I have a few items of sewing to show off, plus a holiday to blog about. For today I will be content to note down a garden update.

The garden has been a bit neglected. the only producing plants are the herbs, rhubarb, spinach, silverbeet, buttercrunch lettuces and some baby self-seeded spring onions. We did end up with a bumper crop of tomatoes this year. they were late but we had heaps. I turned most of it into roasted tomato sauce for pizza and pasta. I only stopped picking the tomatoes last week. today I pulled out all the old plants and weeded 3 garden beds. then Ian and planted seeds of broadbeans, snow peas, beetroot, carrots, kale, spring onions and peas. im not sure what else can be planted at this time of year, but I plan to find out and plant some more tomorrow. if we had any spare money I would buy some more fruit trees to plant.

I have some people from the council coming to see me on Monday. The city council now own all the land surrounding ours, which has its pros and cons. They are wanting to plant some shelter belts so are coming to let us know they’re plans. I  don’t know if we get to object if we dont like the plans, but at least they are talking to us.

okay, that will do for tonight. later.