February’s quilts

February is a busy month for my quilt making. I’ve been busy with lots of custom orders, but felt the need to make a couple of ready to sell quilts as well.

These 2 quilts are both available for purchase through my Felt shop.

Queen of hearts.  The photo’s of this quilt just don’t do it justice at all, but it’s hard getting good photos of a queen size quilt.  I designed the pattern myself, so it’s a one-off.  I’ve used a mix of different reds for the hearts and a mix of print neutrals (mostly text prints) for the background.  It has cotton batting and a plain red polycotton backing. It’s the sort of quilt that would be a fantastic wedding or anniversary present ;-)

9 Feb


The other quilt that I have made for sale is this beauty:

17 Feb


I’ve made this to be a VERY generous single / double quilt (190cm square).  The fabric is an organic cotton range called Fort Firefly.  The prints are just stunning, lots of woodland creatures and Penny in her garden.  A lovely quilt for a special girl.

I did make one other to be ready for sale, but after posting pics of it on Facebook (look up Sew Vivid on there) it sold immediately. It was received yesterday by a very happy customer.

25 Feb


I have one custom in progress right now, and 3 more to do before April, but I will try to fit in a few more ready buy quilts when I can.

Loving Summer!

Well it seems late but we are finally getting a good Summer. Temperatures in the high 20′s or early 30′s (°C not °f).  We’ve been spending heaps of time at the local outdoor pools.  We are so lucky to have FREE swimming pools all Summer.  This year Cameron has graduated from the middle (kids) pool to the big pool (3ft 6 graduating deeper).  The deal was he had to be able to swim one width before he can swim in the big pool without a grown up being with him.  Yesterday he managed 3 widths freestyle (he is still learning the breathing technique but has mastered the rest). Now he can be in the big pool (with me watching) as long as he doesn’t go past the 4ft markers.  He’s pretty good at obeying the rules.

Excuse Lilly’s facials :-)


Freestyling20140219_173708 20140219_173724

Sibling love.



The garden is slowing coming back to life after being totally replanted in December (except the herbs which were doing fine).  We have started to lay pebble down for the paths between the beds, but its such hot weather that it’s a very slow process.  Slowly but surely.


You can see 2/3 of the garden is still overgrown, it’s a work in progress.  I will be adding a second herb spiral soon for the Thyme, Tarragon and Parsley, which all got a bit smothered by the Sage. Don’t the new fences look fabulous?20140212_171945

Ta da!!  A new garden shed, for all the tools and seeds etc.  Soon to have a small bike shed built on the right hand side.  Then we might have a bit of space in the garage.20140212_171953

I don’t yet have any ripe tomatoes, but local ones were 99c a kilo, so I grabbed some and roasted them with the elephant garlic we grew.  12 containers of Pizza sauce for the small sum of approx $3.  Pretty good value for money I think.  I will get some more today and do another batch if I can find some suitable containers to store it in.     20140219_195630


At the beginning of Feb Ian and I went to a concert held locally.  It was Eclipse, Pink Floyd Tribute, held up at Stonehenge Aotearoa.  What a fantastic night!  If you get a chance to see these guys playing you must go.

20140201_211945 20140212_172342


I think that’s all for now.  I’ll be back later with a crafty update separately.

Freezing February!

So much for Summer!  So cold today that I have 3 layers on, plus my woolly socks. At least it’s good weather for quilting.

The last couple of weeks have been pretty quiet, with Nathan away working and staying with a friend.  It’s was almost like he has already moved out.  Only 2 more weeks and he will be living in Wellington and going to Victoria University.  So proud of his results, which he worked very hard for.

The last week before school involved getting organised and a bit of relaxing and enjoying the last week off.



I can’t believe how much the small boy has grown in the past few months. I used to have to add elastic to the waists of all his pants and shorts or buy narrow clothing, but now he is wearing a size or 2 bigger than his age number.  Amazing. Not sure why, could be getting the tonsils removed, or the milk in schools programme which they started last year (which we kept up with during the holidays). Maybe a combination of both?  It’s lovely to see him so healthy, he hasn’t even had a cold since his tonsillectomy in Sept.  Going back to school has been hard though. No more sleep ins and cruisy days :-(  Not much summer swimming either due to the weather.

I however have been very pleased to be able to get back to my normal work programme :-)

Proof of this: all the sewing I have been able to get done.

Fox cushion for the Fox obsessed boy


Fox swimming bag for the Fox obsessed boy


Custom ordered ZIg Zag cot quilt


and matching cushion


Custom ordered Fort Firefly cot quilt


Tablet / i Pad cover


Kindle cover


Tablet / i Pad cover


Queen size heart quilt – Now for sale. Email me if interested (email address in sidebar).

9 Feb


Hopefully lots more to come for the rest of February.

Making the most of summer.

Yesterday we managed to drag Ian away from his garden shed building and had a family afternoon out at Ocean Beach, which is the closest beach to us.  It’s not a swimming beach, more a fishing beach, but it was nice to visit anyway.

We played down in the surf for a while then climbed up the big sand dune so the kids (and Ian) could have a go sliding down. We went prepared with a bag full of snacks and water that we ate while enjoying watching the view, then went home via Martinborough where we stopped and got the BEST fish and chips for a late dinner, which we had picnic style at one of the quiet parks there.  A nice day out and no cooking or cleaning when we got home. Even better!

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

They did get wetter than this (well the big two did) ;-)

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

The view from the top of the sand dune was fabulous, you could see the South Island in the distance.

???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????



The ever gratuitous “selfie” which Lilly generously included me in. ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Lilly was pretending that is wasn’t slippery.046 ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????


All sorts of fun.!

The only thing that would have made it better would be to have had my Mum there too.  Wish you could come out on some fun days with us :-(


Getting some education….

I’ve signed up for an online class.  It’s being run by Rachel over at Stitched In Color. I had to think long and hard about making the commitment to doing an online class.  There is not the same incentive as a real life event and I am super busy with orders. However while I think I’m fairly bold and confident I thought it’s very probably that I will learn a lot from the class and its good to push your boundaries a wee bit, so I joined up.  I’m looking forward to it.  A couple of years ago I had a hankering to do an Art degree but they have stopped running them classes locally so it’s in the too hard basket.

On the crafty front…

I finished (and SOLD) a quilt I wanted to work on.  The picture isn’t the best, but you get the idea.



I’m really pleased with how this one turned out.  My plan was to use all my leftover Out to Sea girls fabric.  The customer asked for it to be backed with cornflower blue minky, you can’t see it in the pic but it was a great choice.

I also finished a swap quilt.  The Lorax in earth tones.



I have plans to make a cushion to go with this quilt as there is one left over panel.  Might as well make use of it.

On the personal craft side I make myself another skirt (I wear them all year round, just with leggings underneath in winter).  This fabric screamed “buy me” so I didn’t resist.  I went straight home and turned it into a skirt.  Both the fabric and lining cost me $5 each, there is enough fabric to make another skirt, so I guess for under $10 it was a pretty good  deal.



It’s been so comfortable that I’ve already worn it 3 times :-)  Today I also fixed up a skirt I made for myself last year, but I was a bit generous with the sizing and it was way too big.  I took off about an inch on each side and I’m pleased to say I’ll probably be wearing that one tomorrow.

Well that’s all for today.

That Summery feeling…

Well despite the odd cold day and the windy ones it’s finally starting to feel like Summer.

The grass at home is still very green, but Cameron has been able to play in his small pool.



Today we went up to Mt Dick to see of the wild raspberries were ready for picking.


They are just starting to ripen, so we got a few but not a great haul.


The creek was really cold thanks to the recent rain.




I have to say the bush is looking very lush and I’m pleased to see the new pine trees growing fast.



I’ve heard from a reader to say that they were having trouble leaving a comment on my blog.  I’ve made a few changes this afternoon, so here’s hoping it works.  If not please email me and I will see if there is another fix I can do. All comments are read and appreciated :-)


First 2014 quilt…

This is my first finished quilt for this year…


It has a big sister quilt in the same fabrics (but a very different pattern), but I’ve been waiting on some minky to arrive for its backing, so the baby got finished first.  The minky has arrived so I’ll try to finish that one today, though getting anything done while all the kids are home is almost impossible.  Most days I’m averaging about 15 minutes sewing time if I’m lucky.  Oh, the quilt in the pic above is for sale :-) $140 plus post.  You can message me at the email address in the side bar if you are interested. SOLD

Yesterday I had a truck load of gravel delivered so I can get the paths in the garden sorted out.  It will be nice to not have the raised beds surrounded by towering weeds.  It will be my job to move it all to the right place while Ian gets the fence done.  I do wish there were more pairs of hands to help sometimes (and don’t even mention the teenagers, they are less than helpful when it comes to those kind of jobs).

So apart from some gardening and a tiny bit of sewing, not much else is happening around here.